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  1. IDD-3D: Dataset for Driving on Unstructured Roads
    Dokania, Shubham, Hafez, A.H. Abdul,  Subramanian, Anbumani and 2 more authors
    WACV 2023 2023


  1. TRoVE: Transforming Road Scene Datasets into Photorealistic Virtual Environments
    Dokania, Shubham, Subramanian, Anbumani,  Chandraker, Manmohan and 1 more author
    ECCV 2022 2022


  1. Graph Representation learning for Audio & Music genre Classification
    Dokania, Shubham,  and Singh, Vasudev
    arXiv preprint arXiv:1910.11117 2019


  1. FlavorDB: a database of flavor molecules
    Garg, Neelansh, Sethupathy, Apuroop,  Tuwani, Rudraksh and 8 more authors
    Nucleic acids research 2018
  2. A hierarchical anatomical classification schema for prediction of phenotypic side effects
    Wadhwa, Somin, Gupta, Aishwarya,  Dokania, Shubham and 2 more authors
    PloS one 2018


  1. Opportunistic Self Organizing Migrating Algorithm for real-time Dynamic Traveling Salesman Problem
    Dokania, Shubham, Bagga, Sunyam,  and Sharma, Rohit
    In 2017 51st Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS) 2017
  2. Unsupervised Feature Descriptors Based Facial Tracking over Distributed Geospatial Subspaces
    Dokania, Shubham, Chopra, Ayush,  Ahmad, Feroz and 2 more authors
    In International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence 2017
  3. Hierarchy Influenced Differential Evolution: A Motor Operation Inspired Approach
    Dokania, Shubham, Chopra, Ayush,  Ahmad, Feroz and 1 more author
    In Jan 2017